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When someone successfully breaks what weighs them down – whether that be something physical, emotional, or mental – we call them BREAKERS.

These BREAKERS have changed their lives dramatically for the better.





Weight loss: 40 pounds

Duration: 5 months

“I have finally taken a huge step forward in the battle I have been fighting since I was in elementary school. Over the past few months, I have broken my emotional connection to food – not only has this had incredible results for my appearance, but more importantly for my health and self-confidence. Break the weight has helped me change my life in ways which I could never have imagined. By investing in break the weight I truly have given myself the greatest gift of investing in myself.” – Claire, Breaker


Weight loss: 100 pounds

Duration: 15 months

“I know that if I didn’t have Ricki I would not be here doing the work that I so desperately needed to do. She has been the most amazing support that I could ask for. The fact that she, throughout our entire friendship, has been nonjudgmental and understanding of everything I’ve gone through, is something I will always appreciate. She helps me laugh through the hard times and brings out an honesty in me that I didn’t know I even had” – Lulu, Breaker


Weight loss: 12 pounds

Duration: 4 months

 “I set goals and Break the Weight keeps me accountable while motivating me and giving me ways to reach them” – Lauren, Breaker


Weight loss: 10 pounds

Duration: 4 months

“As someone who has long struggled with weight and body image issues, working with Break the Weight has given me the tools to finally ‘break’ what has been weighing me down. You really feel like you have a teammate during the entire process” – Danielle


Weight loss: 20 pounds

Duration: 6 months

“Working with Ricki and Break the Weight has been a pleasure and an insightful journey. Break the Weight makes getting healthy fun and Ricki’s genuine concern for the success of her clients is welcomed.” – Andrea, Breaker


Weight loss: 12 pounds

Duration: 4 months

“Thanks to Break the weight, I feel happier and healthier not only on the outside, but also on the inside, this program WORKS.” – Marissa, Breaker


Weight loss: 30 pounds

Duration: 6 months

“I have been working with Break the Weight for the past 6 months, and the results speak for themselves. The largest takeaways for me were the learning and accountability. The program helped me understand key pain points and figure out ways to combat them”. – Julian, Breaker


Weight loss: 20 pounds

Duration: 6 months

“Not only has Break the Weight taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle, but it’s helped me understand my daily habits in a way I never had before. It’s transformed my life. Ricki has been my partner and my biggest motivator during this entire process. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her support.” – Amy, Breaker


Weight loss: 15 pounds

Duration: 5 months

“I’ve made real changes thanks to Break the Weight. I feel good. I look good. I am stronger. I am more capable. I broke what was weighing me down.” – Sam, Breaker


Weight loss: 14 pounds

Duration: 11 weeks and counting

“Break the Weight helped me focus by giving me the tools and support I needed so I could get out of the bad habits surrounding food, eating and self esteem. My coach made me accountable by reminding me that I am in charge of me, I have choices and I am loved… The glass is always half full with Ricki. When you feed and move your body what it needs and wants, it will end up where it needs to be.”   – Didi, Breaker


Weight loss: 40 pounds

Duration: 24 weeks

“I think that MY success stems from two major factors with Break the Weight.  Accountability and support.  With my busy lifestyle I will sometimes forget to log my food, but always have my coach right there to ask me why my food log isn’t updated. And constant support anytime, anywhere, when some of life’s curveballs are thrown your way and can knock you off track.  Ricki is there to talk you through it and rationalize everything.” – Eric, Breaker


Weight loss: 12 pounds

Duration: 18 weeks

“After working with Break the Weight for less than 12 weeks, I already lost over 10 lbs. As soon as I made myself accountable, started to understand my relationship with food and disconnect from it as an emotional habit, my body and my mind started to transform. I have never felt so healthy (both physically and mentally) in my life and finally feel I have found a sustainable lifestyle. Working with Ricki is like working with a great friend who is 100% supportive of me!”   – Ruthie, Breaker


Weight loss: 13 pounds

Duration: 10 weeks

“Break the Weight has helped me completely change my eating habits, mostly eating snacks throughout the day instead of big meals. I also stopped taking the train to school and started walking. I’ve learned to become mindful and really listen to my body; am I hungry? Or am I just bored? Walking 10,000+ steps a day is a great workout physically but also helps mentally, it gives me time everyday just for myself to think and de-stress.”

– Claire, Breaker


Weight loss: 32 pounds

Duration: 24 weeks

“Working with BTW helps me stay motivated towards my weight loss goals even when I get discouraged or think I mess up. We all have setbacks on our journey towards any goal, emotionally and physically, but having someone in my corner who doesn’t give up on me and believes in me really keeps me going. I have been trying to diet for years, struggling with weight and ridicule for my entire life. This is the first time that I feel like I am doing something that will stick. I’m not dieting, I’m changing my daily goals and looking towards the future. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and while I still have a long way to go, I feel like I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

– Alex, Breaker


Weight loss: 17 pounds

Duration: 3 months

“I struggle with depressing and anxiety. Before BTW I often had a hard time finding the energy and motivaton to get my through my day. But now since doing the program, I feel lighter and happier both physically and mentally. 

– Hannah, Breaker


Weight loss: 25 pounds

Duration: 5 months

“This program has been different for me, because it’s truly not a diet; it’s my life and you can’t give up on your life. I’ve gained a sense of confidence by being consistent and not just depending on being motivated.”

– Nichole, Breaker

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