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I stand for accountability, consistency and support when it comes to self- improvement. I strongly believe we need all three to create long-term success.

I had a hard time finding one. 

So I created one instead.

The Breaker Program is an online health coaching program. It’s designed to help others break what weighs people down so they can move forward physically and mentally. The simple Break the Weight method of creating small changes for big results has proven to both successful and wanted.

Transform the way you live by teaching you how to do it in a sustainable long-term way.

Learn more below, make lasting change and become a #BREAKER 


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What does the 6 week program include?


  • Six 30 minute calls ONCE a week: This is where we go over your week and set a goals and a plan for the next one. 
  • Daily accountability: Through text / email to keep you motivated, supported and on track. 
  • Nutritional guidance: Learn special guidelines that’ll help you better understand how to eat. THIS IS NOT A DIET. 
  • Exclusive email handouts: Learn about mindfulness, emotional eating and daily habits.
  • Unlimited emotional support: Pushing you to KEEP going even when you really don’t feel like it.
  • Personalized weekly goal setting: Setting small weekly goals every week based on what you need to work on.

The program can help you if you’re trying to change your life. 

We all have things that weigh us down.

What can I expect after 6 to 12 weeks?

  • Weight loss (This depends on how much you have to lose). We set realistic goals! 
  • Increased energy and better physical shape
  • Less stress and increased confidence 
  • A sense of empowerment and control you didn’t have before 
  • Better understanding of your relationship with food 
  • Why the time you eat is so important 
  • HOW to eat without starving yourself. Yes, we know…breaking news!
  • The importance of movement and how it can change your life
  • The process of motivation and why it ebb and flows
  • How to get back on track after a really crappy day / week. We won’t let you give up.

*Clients who stay on the program up to 24 weeks sustain longer change. 


Every Breaker starts with the 6 or 12 week program. However, Breakers stay on the program from 24 weeks – 32 weeks.

Changing your life and building new habits takes time, consistency and patience.

Break the Weight is a long-term commitment so you can create long- term change. 

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6 WEEKS: $325

12 WEEKS: $600 (you get $50 off from original price, if you start with 12 weeks).

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