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What is the BREAKER program?


The BREAKER program is an online coaching program designed to help people create long-term change through accountability, consistency and support. 

We help individuals all over the country break through the barriers that weigh them down both physically and mentally so they can live happier and healthier lives.

Join the other 300 people who’ve change their lives through the program.

Learn more below, make lasting change and become a #BREAKER!


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What does the 12 week program include?


  • 12 ONCE a week 35 minute calls: We’ll go over your week and talk about any challenges you may have faced and how to move forward.
  • A structured and simple daily system: You’re required to follow a daily system according to your long-term goals.
  • Daily accountability: Through text / email to keep you motivated, supported and on track. You’re accountable to your goals.
  • Nutritional guidance: Learn special guidelines that’ll help you better understand how to eat and transform your relationship with food.
  • Exclusive email handouts: Learn about habits, motivation, and how to build real long-term change.
  • Unlimited emotional support: Pushing you to KEEP going even when you really don’t feel like it.
  • Personalized weekly goal setting: Setting small weekly goals every week based on what you need to work on.

Transforming your daily habits is key. 

What can I expect on the 12 week program?

  • Weight loss. The BTW daily system helps you create healthier eating habits.
  • Better connect to hunger levels. Am I hungry? Am I bored? (you’re bored).
  • More energy and better physical shape.
  • Decreased stress and increased confidence.
  • A sense of empowerment and control you didn’t have before.
  • Better understanding of your relationship with food.
  • How walking your steps will change your life.
  • Following a daily system and having a coach helps you become a more consistent person.

*Clients who stay on the program up to 24 weeks sustain longer change. 


Most client start with the 12-week program. However, BREAKERS stay on the program from 24 weeks – 32 weeks.

Changing your life and building new habits takes time, consistency and patience.

PLEASE NOTE: We do offer a 6 week program if you need to sign up for 6 weeks instead of 12 right away, we get it. 

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The 12 week program:

Original price: $650 

Discounted price for FIRST time BREAKERS: $599


*Contact us about other pricing options. We are happy to help in anyway we can. 

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