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The BREAKER program helps individuals transform their relationship with food and daily habits. This program is a true lifestyle change that helps you BREAK through the physical, mental and emotional weight in your life.

It’s all about understanding the behaviors and mindset that surround the choices you make. The way we live on a DAILY basis determines how happy we are. 

It’s all about transforming what you do EVERYDAY so you can transform your body AND mind. 

Are you looking to BREAK the weight in your life? 

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What Does The Program Include?

  • A special (and simple) Daily System: Learn new ways to transform your habits and mindset by having a consistent system that you follow. The BREAKER system is all about helping you become more mindful and aware of what you do on a daily basis. 
  •  Weekly Calls: Every week we’ll have one phone session (up to 40 minutes) where we’ll go over how your week went, the challenges, what’s next and any feedback I have for you. Everything we talk about is BETWEEN US!
  • Daily Accountability: You’ll be held accountable for your daily system and weekly goals. You’re required to send me certain things to make sure you’re always on track! We’ll be working as a team. 
  • Nutritional Guidance: Learn special guidelines that’ll help you better understand how to eat and transform your relationship with food. THIS IS NOT A DIET, BUT TRULY A MIND SHIFT.
  • Exclusive Email Handouts: Weekly food feedback, reminders and inspiring emails on topics such as habits, accountability, fear, motivation, consistency and how to build real long-term change.
  • Unlimited Emotional Support: I’m here for YOU. If you’re having a bad day or moment and need some support, I’M HERE! Text, email or simply ask to get on the phone quickly. 
  • Personalized WeeklyGoal Setting: Setting small weekly goals every week based on what you need to work on.

What Will I Learn During The Program?

  • Real hunger VS emotional hunger

  • The importance of walking 10,000 steps a day

  • How to be consistent and accountability

  • Why motivation ebb and flows and how to push through it

  • The power of living mindfully

  • How to view food as fuel

  • The importance of making dinner light

  • The lunch-box theory

  • The power of eating breakfast

  • The right way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF

  • How to transform your relationship with food

  • The 6 behaviors that hold you back from long-term change and how to transform them

  • The times you eat and why they’re SO important

  • What weighs you down physically, mentally and emotionally.


We offer TWO program lengths AND prices!

6-weeks: $375

12-weeks: $650


*Take off 50 dollars off original program prices*


6-weeks: $325

12-weeks: $599



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