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Mindful Eating: Can it change your life?

There’s something terrifying about learning how to stop eating before you’re completely full. It’s one of those concepts that takes years of practice, and yet even when you have it down, you still somehow have to remind yourself to take a step back and connect to your...
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Reflection of change

“A son and his father were walking in the mountains. Suddenly, his son falls, hurts himself and screams: “aahh!!” To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain: “aahh!!” Curious, he yells: “Who are you?” He receives the answer: “Who are...
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How finally giving into my pain transformed my relationship with my body

At 23 years old, I started seeing a therapist that specialized in loss and eating disorders. A decision that took a long time for me to make because I was convinced that I had no such issues and everyone around me was fucking crazy for thinking I did. What did they...
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How I lived after saying goodbye to my mother

I hated the smell of the hospital. I hated the long white halls that lead you to your destination. I hated all the nurses that would look at you as you made your way to your sick loved one. I hated having to drive so far just to see my mother, and even after 5 years...
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How losing my dog has helped me gain a new perspective on life

I grew up with dogs. So many dogs and usually two at a time because my mother was impulsive and just couldn’t help herself. I always knew one day I’d have one but figured it would happen much later in life and ideally, with another co-parent.  Turns out,...
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If you can’t talk about it, write about it

I used to hate talking about the death of my mother. It wasn’t that I was trying to forget that she died, trust me, I kept 13 years worth of hand written journal entry’s about her loss, I just never really openly talked or wrote about it. I lost her when I... read more

Are You Really On Right Path?

How do you always know if you’re on the right path? I guess the answer is that sometimes you just don’t. I don’t know why life is full of twists and turns, I just know that it is.  Our goals change and we transform as people. What we use to want, we... read more

BREAKING NEWS: Happiness requires work.

We hear it so often, “Find what you love and once you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” We’ve been programed to believe this concept when it comes to the jobs we pick, changes we decide to finally make and relationships we center our lives around.... read more

Why Being Consistent Is The Secret To Being Happy

When it comes to transformation and self achievement, there aren’t many things that hold us back quite like we hold ourselves back. Beyond our fear and lack of accountability, one of the biggest reasons most people struggle with accomplishing their goals is due... read more

How saying yes to one question changed my entire life

When I was 23 years old, my very close friend Lulu came over one night and asked me if I’d help her lose 150 pounds. I know, not the most common question to ask a close friend, but it would be the question that changed the course of my story. But before I knew... read more

When motivation kicks my ass I did THIS…

Motivation from what I’ve learned and experienced over the years is really the mix between two important components: Excitement and passion. Think about it like this: Most of the time we feel motivated, we also feel excited. Things are fun, somewhat easy and the... read more


The process of change is challenging no matter what the goal is. There’s so much information out there about what you’re supposed to do that it can often feel overwhelming to stay on track. I believe the best and most inspiring advice comes from those who... read more

How walking 10,000 steps a day transformed my life

After my mother died, I searched all over the place for something that would make me feel free from the pain, even just for a little. I was craving a distraction of any kind and because I couldn’t find one that served me, I picked all the ones that didn’t.... read more

Three ways to get back on track right now

Getting back on the track quicker each time you fall off is exactly how successful people become successful. I know it’s break for most and holidays tend to make us all feel like we can do whatever we want (and we do, whatever we want). But, 2017 is five days... read more

How to move forward from old painful thoughts

When I was a little girl and many years after that, I used to wake up with a heaviness in my chest that felt like someone took away my ability to breathe, and the only thing left was an overpowering amount of pain.  I woke up today with that same feeling. To be... read more