Tragedy Happens

I lost my mother to cancer when I was 13 years old and spent a lot of years suffering deeply from depression. I felt empty on every level and even though I knew there was this person inside of me that wanted to be happy, it was a constant challenge for me to let her show. 

School was hard for me, and my lack of self worth was constantly standing in the way of living a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. Every time I set a goal to be better, I failed. Every time I told myself to get something done, I never followed through. It was this terrible cycle of trying to change my life and always failing to do so. 

I just couldn’t do it anymore. 

I knew I needed to start small and because I had such a hard time staying motivated, I also knew I needed to better understand WHY that was. I figured that what I did on a daily basis would be the most beneficial place to begin.

I decided to build myself a really simple daily system of movement, accountability and support. The system allowed me to slow down, and create real change instead of the quick fix I was always so used to. I finally let myself be uncomfortable and brave in my own pain. Life slowly started to transform. 

Fate Steps In

After a few months on my daily system, I decided to enroll myself in an online program called Institute For Integrative Nutrition, the most well known coaching program in the country, to become a health coach. I wanted to better understand my own issues with food, self worth, and motivation.

And then my entire life changed.

In March of 2012, one of my closest friends, Lulu asked me if I’d help her lose over 150 pounds. I had no idea what that even meant or how one would begin a process like this, but I knew helping someone else change their life was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Exactly what I needed to be doing. 

Passion Project To Business 

Break the Weight was born that that March and started off as a blog where Lulu and I would write everyday. We made the journey public because we wanted the world to see what it’s really like to change your life. I applied the same daily system that helped me change with Lulu.

So for 290 days, we blogged and both opened up about loss, love, insecurities, and the everyday struggles that came with breaking what weighs you down. We pushed each other to become better people through accountability, movement and support. We were truly a team in this journey of breaking weight. 

The transformation that started it all

Lulu lost 100 pounds, Break the weight went from project to business and the daily system created in 2012 is the same one that’s used today. 

Today, I coach clients virtually all over the country on how to break through the barriers that weigh them down. The Break the weight system has successfully helped hundreds of individuals and inspired countless more to change their story.

Break the weight, 




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